IT & Digital Display Solutions

IT & Digital Display Solutions

We are specialized in technology integration to reinvent your marketing strategies for effective leads generation, engagement and conversion.

We design and build the system with new or existing hardware, software and advanced networking infrastructure. The engineering process will help your company to operate effectively and meet your business needs and achieve your key business goals.



We implement facial recognition to the access control system. Our Face Reader Access, called FRA in short, allows you to experience the innovation in a single face. You can set the face to blacklist or whitelist library. If there is a match, entry gate will be opened to allow the access; and if there is no match, access is denied. The system can also be set to trigger alarm for faces not recorded in library, in order to prevent trespassers and stranger intrusions.


LCD display options are replacing traditional billboards along with time. It will be able to give out a bright output at all times. Therefore, everyone will be able to see content that is displayed on it, regardless of the time of the day. The ultra-narrow bezel makes the content look like actual original image, without any distortions. Seamlessly assembled on a large screen, the video wall provides an even more immersive experience to the viewers.


An Interactive Whiteboard or also commonly known as a smartboard is an instructional tool that allows computer images to be displayed onto a board. It gives the ability to use a display as a touchscreen device for everything from whiteboarding to collaboration. It is also allowing people to touch the screen using the pen provided or even by using their finger.